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Egaroucid for Web

This is simplified version and weaker than download version.



Game Information

Select your turn and AI strength, then press "Start" button.
Graph shows how good the AI seems to be. If the value is big, AI seems to win. If small, you seems to win.
You can check the graph after the game though you don't check the "Graph" checkbox.
Though you use level 8 or more, hint values are calculated in no more than level 8.
Strength is adjusted by midgame lookahead, endgame lookahead, and depth of perfect searching. If you use high level, the calculation time will be long.
Levelmidgame depthendgame depthperfect search
00 moves0 moves0 moves
11 moves2 moves2 moves
22 moves4 moves4 moves
33 moves6 moves6 moves
44 moves8 moves8 moves
55 moves10 moves10 moves
66 moves12 moves12 moves
77 moves14 moves14 moves
88 moves16 moves16 moves
99 moves18 moves18 moves
1010 moves20 moves20 moves
1111 moves20 moves20 moves
1212 moves22 moves20 moves
1313 moves22 moves20 moves
1414 moves24 moves22 moves
1515 moves24 moves22 moves