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Egaroucid Download

Please download and install Egaroucid.


Please download one which is suitable to your environment.

Egaroucid is optimized to SIMD version, which requires AVX2 instructions, but old CPUs (created in 2013 or older) might not be able to run it. If so, please install Generic version.

OS CPU Requirements Date Download
Windows x64 AVX2 (Standard) 2023/03/15 Egaroucid 6.2.0 Windows x64 SIMD
Windows x64 - 2023/03/15 Egaroucid 6.2.0 Windows x64 Generic

Please visit GitHub Releases to see older versions and release notes.


Please execute the installer. You need admin rights.

If you see "Windows protected your PC" popup, then you can run this software with clicking "More info", then "Run anyway". Please do this operation at your own risk.

Pictures below are example in Japanese.


Please execute Egaroucid6.exe to run Egaroucid!