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Othello AI Egaroucid

Othello Application with one of the strongest AI in the world

Egaroucid [ɪɡɑɻˈəʊsid] is an Othello app with one of the strongest othello solver AI.

The author is World No.1 in CodinGame Othello, Othello AI contest (as of 2023/09/04).


Completely free software. Egaroucid and Egaroucid for Console use the same (strong) engine, but Egaroucid for Web uses a simple (weaker) engine.

Egaroucid for ConsoleWindows MacOS Linux
Egaroucid for WebAny Web Browser

EgaroucidEgaroucid for ConsoleEgaroucid for Web


How to Install Egaroucid


Please visit download page and download installer, then install Egaroucid.

Egaroucid for Console

Please read how to install Egaroucid for Console and download or build it.

Egaroucid for Web

You don't need to do anything special. Please just visit Egaroucid for Web page and play now.

Official Documents

There are some official documents of Egaroucid written in Japanese. Please translate it by yourself.

Articles that introduce Egaroucid

Looking for your voice

Via this Google form, you can send me messages such as:

I would like to hear your voice! Please contact me freely!

Welcome your contribution on Egaroucid

Egaroucid is an open source software under GPL-3.0 license. All source codes are available on GitHub here. I welcome your contributions such as pull requests!

When you want to use Egaroucid in your own software

You can use Egaroucid freely under GPL-3.0 license. If you worry about GPL-infection, please ask me.


I would like to thank these people for great contributions.

Other Othello AIs

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Takuto Yamana