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Egaroucid 6.1.0 Benchmarks

The FFO endgame test suite

The FFO endgame test suite is a common benchmark for endgame searching. Computer completely solves each testcase, and find the best move. This benchmark evaluates the exact time for searching and the speed (NPS: Nodes Per Second).

I used Core i9-11900K for testing.

Egaroucid for Console 6.1.0 Windows x64 SIMD

No.DepthBest MoveScoreTime (sec)NodesNPS

Play against Edax4.4

Edax 4.4 is one of the best Othello AI in the world.

If I set the game from the very beginning, same line appears a lot. To avoid this, I set the game from many different near-draw lines.

I used XOT for its testcases.

No opening books used.

If Egaroucid Win Ratio is over 0.5, then Egaroucid wins more than Edax do. "Black" and "White" means Egaroucid played black/white. In all conditions, Egaroucid is stronger than Edax.

LevelEgaroucid winDrawEdax WinEgaroucid Win Ratio
11281(Black: 643 White: 638)40(Black: 21 White: 19)679(Black: 336 White: 343)0.654
51189(Black: 609 White: 580)95(Black: 51 White: 44)716(Black: 340 White: 376)0.624
101045(Black: 587 White: 458)247(Black: 112 White: 135)708(Black: 301 White: 407)0.596
15107(Black: 63 White: 44)35(Black: 11 White: 24)58(Black: 26 White: 32)0.648