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Egaroucid Benchmarks

The first one is the latest.

I used two types of benchmarks.

The first one is The FFO endgame test suite. This test is for the speed of endgame complete search. The second one is the matches against Edax 4.4. To test the strength of its evaluation function, this test uses no book, some levels (the depth of search), and XOT for the starting positions.

For each version, the detailed conditions may be different. Please see each page to check it.

Version Date
6.2.0 2023/03/15
6.1.0 2022/12/23
6.0.0 2022/10/10
5.10.0 2022/06/08
5.9.0 2022/06/07
5.8.0 2022/05/13
5.7.0 2022/03/26
5.5.0/5.6.0 2022/03/16
5.4.1 2022/03/02